The process is always very different from one project to another. It takes a lot of everything: professionalism, expertiese, skills, patience, understanding, respect, believe and, last but not least, time.

Discipline and methodology make things happen in the material world.


Skills and techniques were carefully preserved and kept for centuries. Knowledge has been secretly passed from Master to the chosen Aprentice.

Ethics and morality lead the soul

into the spiritual world of inspiration.


Meditation and observation open new ability of the mind. Woodworking is the way to personal development and enlightment.

Products & Services


I offer Design & Creation of a new furniture item (or set of items), Restoration & Conservation of Antique furniture (or any interior wooden items), Design of a new or use of an exsisting image to Create a Bespoke Marquetry picture or panel, Restoration of damaged Gilded surface or Creation of a new Gilded surface(s). Extensive use of a wide range of different hand tool woodworking techniques, including wood carving, wood turning, fine cabinetmaking, complicated joinery, hand polishing and laquering, fretwork etc.



I also offer a unique oportunity for you to dive into woodworking as a beginner or to enhance and challenge your undiying passion for wood.

I provide a number of different Courses, evening Classes and yearly Programmes to match your learning expectations, time availability and funds available to you.


All Courses are tought on a one-to-one basis.

The number of places are very limited from year to year. Please make an enquiry well ahead in order to reserve and secure your place. For international students, help with accomodation can be provided, for more detailed information please contact Yuri Karpov.




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